Noah’s Revelation

Red Lodge Bears – Book 2

When globe-trotting Alpha werebear Noah returns to the States to obey his father’s summons, the last thing he wants to deal with is tension from his identical twin brother Finn. Unfortunately they quickly find themselves in a head-to-head competition for a lovely blonde, and a lifetime of rivalries resurface.

Curvy, loving Charlotte has to do a double take when she meets big, brawny Noah and Finn. She catches their attention right away, and before she knows it she’s in way over her head. Once she’s had a taste of Noah and Finn, she’s not sure how to decide between them.

What if Charlotte can have everything she wants? What if she doesn’t have to choose between taking Noah and Finn to her bed?

One night with Charlotte, and Noah knows that he’s found something deeper and more sacred than any other woman could possibly provide. Will he be able to leave the past behind and show Charlotte that there’s more to Noah than just a jaded playboy?

Passion, envy, and the quest for a lifetime love come together to deliver certain satisfaction in the second installation of the Red Lodge Bears series.