Luke’s Obsession

Red Lodge Bears – Book 1

Brawny Alpha bear Luke knows destiny when he sees it. When word spreads that all eligible bears must take mates before the year is out, Luke’s mind goes right to Aubrey Umbridge, aka the one who got away. The one he allowed to escape, choosing his Army career over pursuing the only female who has ever made him lust for more than a one night stand.

Sweet, sassy Aubrey has an amazing job, a great group of friends, and no room in her life for regrets. Though she has also been ordered to find a mate, she’s perfectly content without a man bossing her around and and trying to change her ways.

When Luke shows up on her doorstep, Aubrey is stunned beyond belief. Their attraction has only grown since last they met, but there’s no way it could ever blossom into something deeper… or could it?

This BBW werebear romance is all about wild passion, emotional connection, and redemption through true love.