Gavin’s Salvation

Red Lodge Bears – Book 3

Yeah, okay, so maybe sexy Gavin Beran has a little bit of a problem. He likes to pursue women who need “fixing”, ride in on his white horse and save the day. He’s well aware of his savior complex, as if his brothers would ever let him forget all the “broken dolls” he’s helped in his life.

That doesn’t stop him from being attracted to innocent, beautiful blonde Faith, a curvy werebear with more family troubles than the Jackson Five. One simple look at her leads to a kiss in the moonlight, which blows up in Gavin’s face in three seconds flat.

Now Faith is on the run, clinging to her smoking hot savior and wondering how she’s going to keep her V-card intact. Gavin’s kindness only fans the flames of their desire, and soon passions spiral out of control.

This sensual, sweet BBW romance features intense chemistry, brawny men brawling, and a breathless chance at love… if only Faith and Gavin can reach out and grab it, hold onto it for dear life.