Cameron’s Redemption

Red Lodge Bears – Book 4

Sexy, listless playboy Cameron Beran has a secret. Everyone assumes that things just come easily to him, that he’s not serious about settling down or finding a mate. In truth, he’s just been waiting for the right moment, the right woman. When the stars align and put Alexandra Hansard in his path, he knows that his time has come.

Independent, no-nonsense Alex is new to the world of werebears, and she’s only looking for a mate to further her own political aims. When she’s thrust into Cam’s life, she sees an opportunity – for a business relationship, nothing more. If she happens to find Cameron wildly arousing, that’ll be her little secret.

After destiny throws them together, they embark on the beginnings of a newfound relationship… a term that means very different things to both Alex and Cameron. Trust is hard to come by, especially for a playboy and his fiercely stubborn mate. When all the secrets come out, Alexandra and Cameron will have to choose, and the stakes couldn’t be higher…